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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 25, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪ we're exactly 12 hours away until the state of the union tonight. hopefully, you will be on cnn watching as well. we have a big pregame and postgame. >> we get started at 7:00 eastern with the pregame and then two responses to hear from the gop. one from the republicans officially and then another from a tea party, their own little response they are having tonight. should be an interesting night. we need to head this thing down to atlanta in the cnn with martin savidge. hey there, martin. >> good morning to you. i'm martin savidge sitting in for kyra phillips. gas prices have inched up yet again. the nationwide average is $.311 and the highest since we have seen since the meltdown in 2008.
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many say don't expect the big spike in the immediate future. terror suspect known as the underwear bomber is due in a michigan courtroom today. umar farouk abdulmutallab faces a pretrial hearing tonight. stars are rolling out of bed to see if they have a shot at an oscar. academy awards are being announced. we will share some of the other bigs, in addition to "the king's speech." the president's state of the union. the nation's state of mind. just hours before the president addresses the nation. there's a new poll out and it shows a surprising surge of national optimism. 43% now feel that things are going well in the country. that is compared to 29% just last month. lawmakers plan a show of unity tonight and many plan to cross the aisle and sit with members
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of other political parties. actually, the other political party. the so-called state dates are in response to the tucson shooting rampage and concerns that party bickering may be creating dangerous divisions but there are vast differences. for the first time in our history there will be two responses to president's speech. besides the republicans, of course, we will hear from the tea party. congresswoman michelle bachmann is a rising star of the tea party. the stage is set. the speech, we believe, is already written. let's get a preview from the white house with our correspondent dan lothian. what is the president's main talking points tonight some i presume the economy? >> the economy will be the main focus. this is a chance for the president to talk about what has worked for the administration this past year and look ahead to the challenges that remain and jobs does remain a major challenge. the president will talk about
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how to boost jobs here in the u.s. not only over the short term, but over the long haul as well, to bring down that unemployment rate from 9.4%. a couple of words that we will hear from the president tonight, buzz words that have been floated arn here, the laugh few days. competitive innovation. how to help the u.s. win on the global stage through investments and such things as education. and then the president will also talk about tackling the federal difficult si deficit. the republicans will be listening to closely. this president is trying to spend its way out of a recession and only cause long-term damage to the country. the president will talk about making some of those investments, where necessary, but also streamlining the government, saving money, where possible. finally, the president will touch on something that he believes led to much progress during the lame duck session and that is bipartisanship. how can republicans and democrats find areas of
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compromise to continue the agenda moving forward. martin. >> what about foreign policy? is the president going to speak about, say, afghanistan? >> this is a chance for the president to focus on domestic issues. i'm told by top aides here at the white house the president will touch on some foreign issues including afghanistan and progress about made there in the and some of the challenges that still remain. the biggest thing for the president is really convince skeptical americans that this is a war is still worth fighting. >> cnn's dan lothian at the white house, thanks very much. the white house will host a number of special guests who are tied to the tucson shooting rampage as dan just mentioned. daniel hernandez is the congressional aide credited with saving the life of congresswoman gabrielle giffords and he will join first lady michelle obama for the speech and also appearing is dr. rhee who has
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been attending to giffords. the obamas have invited the family of christina green as well, she is the 9-year-old who was the youngest person killed in that attack. join us tonight at 7:00 eastern for our special coverage with the best political team on television. the state of the union address will be followed by the republican and tea party responses and then post speech analysis. ♪ empty chair will represent arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords tonight on the house floor. her progress is surprising. that is what doctors at a houston rehabilitation center were saying. her husband mark kelly hopes that she can start the full rehab program tomorrow. and he has a big decision to make. should he back out as leader of the april 19th space shuttle mission? his twin brother is also an astronaut. in fact, he is at the international space station right now. scott kelly talking with cnn's
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"american morning." and whichever way -- whatever he chooses, you know, i'll certainly support him. you know, with gabby being in houston, he could still be with her, you know, while he trains during, you know, in the mornings and in the evenings. it would be different if she was treated somewhere else, but she is in houston and he could still be there to support her. certainly not 24 hours a day, seven days a week like he has been doing. but as she continues to progress a different level of support on his part might be acceptable. >> the case against the man accused of pulling the trigger in tucson, yesterday, a federal judge entered not guilty pleas on jared loughner's behalf to the attempted murder charges of congresswoman give ords affords of her aides. this video shows the very
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moment of the suicide bombing at moscow's airport. you see people walking around and a flash of light. russian authorities say 100 were killed and 100 hurt. medvedev is blasting security at the airport. matthew chance has more from mosc moscow. >> reporter: one of the big concerns is that this attack at the main moscow international airport could have a devastating effect on the investment clamt in russia. in fact, the stock markets fell 2% after the explosion took place. an explosion which killed 35 people, remember. many of them from foreign countries visiting russia. and it's also been said that the r russian currency lost value and concern among the investors that the reemergence of the terrorism
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threat in russia could derail the country's prospect for economic developments and attracting foreign investment in the future. i think anybody with even the cursesy knowledge of the situation in russia, the vast resources that this country has, not the least oil and gas, but other resources as well, the huge population and the enormous potential it has economically would quickly dismiss these kinds of concerns as being pretty much, if there all about an impact as a result of this risk, this terrorism risk in russia as it's called by some investors, that risk given the other positives in the russia economy is likely to be short-lived. matthew chance, cnn, russia. watching the jets/steelers game on sunday, a paurt pipe broke and sending water into the street.
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cars drove by and splashed the water on the car and freezing it in place. arctic cold that blasted new england with temperatures as low as minus 50 froze most of the fleet of school buses. jacqui jeras is in our severe weather center. a little tough for the folks up there on the east coast. any chance it will get warmer? >> it's not terrible out there right now. this was quite a quick hit that arctic blast yesterday morning that caused all of the problems. ta take a look at the feels like temperature. we have some teens into new england. but, overall, the temperatures are trending a little bit warmer but still cold enough. yeah, that snow we are seeing, a weak system pulling across the northeast and this will mostly be a warning event. a ground stoppage at laguardia maybe until the noon hour. this is going to be the storm that we will be watching in the days ahead and impacting a lot of people in the east throughout
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the upcoming week. right now rain we are dealing with and coming down heavy across central parts of mississippi and into alabama. atlanta, you're just starting to get wet here with this storm. there you can see those raindrops on our towercam on top of cnn center here where the temperature is about 40 degrees. that's not too shabby, right? 40, you can live with that. at least it's rain and not snow. at least right now. we will see some of the snow mixing in overnight tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow, but thif the heavier accumulation will be more possible into parts of the tennessee valley. let's talk about where the storm system is going and track across the deep south and intensifies and moving through the carolinas. cold air coming in on the back side and riding up the coast into a big nor'easter. some of the big cities in the northeast are going to have a little bit of a mix. maybe even start out with rain and snow and then changing over and then coming back. so kind of a fickle storm system, by the way, marty, in terms of forecasting. a couple of miles either side of the coast will make a huge
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difference who gets the big bomb of a snowstorm and who will see that mix. >> fickled storm system? i like that. time to pull out the wristbands. the blue starred short shorts and the lassos for wonderwoman fans. the long wait is over! nbc is picking up a pilot for a new wonderwoman series! cnn hasn't confirmed who will play the super heroine. they have to understand that wonderwoman is a complex woman, not just a super hero. >> she has two sides, right? >> you know what? i think they should make her a mom. >> make her a mom? okay. >> a in version of this. >> you know it's different than the old one. got to be different. >> maybe it shouldn't be! >> it's very different. i love linda carter.
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i had the costume and silver bracelets. >> leave it to nbc to relive it once more for us. >> good times. i can't wait. >> must see tv. thanks, jacqui. >> sure. a big day in hollywood. a few moments ago we learned the nominees for the 83rd academy awards. and here they are. the oscar contenders for best picture and there are ten of them. the show is february 27th in los angeles. a big surprise from oprah winfrey. not a trip to australia or a free car for her audience. this time, a long-held family secret. plus, a shocking story out of texas. a teenage girl goes missing and police are accused of ignoring her parents' concern.
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♪ ♪ baby it's cold outside i got to go away ♪
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♪ baby it's cold outside this evening has been ♪ >> instead of lining up, medical marijuana users may soon be able to bottom's up with a thc infused soft drink. the controversial beverage tops our look across the country this morning. the california entrepreneur is finding critics for his new soda pop, get it? which is supposed to launch next month in colorado. some feel children could easily confuse the drink with more conventional beverages. it wasn't just tires squealing prior to this traffic accident yesterday near kansas city. a little more than four dozen pigs out of 700 on board escaped when a truck took a ramp too fast and overturned. officers helped corral the swine while the interstate was closed. no word on whether the piggys were going to market. a day after the green bay packers beat the bears,
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johnstone lost his job. the 4-year-old car salesman was fired for refusing to take off his packers necktie. get it? he's in chicago. the dealership says stones tie must have upset customers loyal to dah bears. changing gears now for a more serious subject. lubbock, texas, a 13-year-old girl leaves for a baby-sitting job and vanished and now the young girl body has been found and it could be hers. start you from the beginning. this is elizabeth enid. she never came home. her family says she was missing but police classified her as a runaway. two weeks later she was finally listed as missing and soon arn police arrested the father of the children she was watching the night she disappeared.
9:18 am
police say they have evidence linking him to the girl's disappear ns but won't say what it is. joining me via skype now is captain greg stephens with the lubbock police department. thank you for joining us, captain. we know it's early this morning. why was her case first treated as a run-away? >> i think people get caught up into a terminology and what word is used to classify one situation over another and really what happens when an officer goes out to these kind of calls and they come in quite often, the initial officer has to make a determination. this call came in at 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. the officer has to make a determination and that determination is based upon whether the child or teenager is absent, voluntarily, or involuntarily. and he's looking for indications that the child is gone against
9:19 am
their will or gone involuntarily and in this particular case, there were no indications, at least none immediately apparent that showed the officer that she was gone involuntarily right then. the classification then is as a runaway. that's a simple term used how to classify the child in the national crime information center database system. >> i get the fact that, you're right, the term is simplistic. but the result is quite complex in the sense that if it's deemed that she may have run away voluntarily, then, of course, this changes the whole attitude, i presume, of your investigation there afterwards and raising possible alarm bells, is that right? >> well, to some degree. but not as much as i think some would believe. there's a misconception if it's considered a runaway, it's
9:20 am
simply shoved to the side and put in the drawer and that is simply not the case. the case is assigned to an investigator right away. this was no different. and the process of looking for the child has begun. now, there's some criticism that, you know, a search party wasn't launched right away. the problem therein is if the officer doesn't have anyplace to start looking, if there is no report that a person was dragged into a car or was dragged from the theater, was dragged from the park or something like that, there is no place to start looking right then. >> but her purse was reported missing which would imply she left behind and if you're a runaway you wouldn't necessarily do that, would you? >> you wouldn't either take it either. we have get runaway reports a lot of times a teenager leaves the house because they got their phone taken away for disciplinary reasons. so there is no one or two things
9:21 am
saying it's a missing endangerment. >> we have to leave it there, sir. >> on so many factors come into play. nonetheless the child -- >> captain stevens -- >> the detectives did begin looking for her when that investigation began and her photo was released a lot sooner than everybody believes that it was. >> how much sooner then? we were told two weeks. >> it was sooner than that. now how soon the media puts that photo up, they are under the same -- they react the same, whether it's termed a runaway or determined a missing person as well. they are under the same assumptions as we are and i think that is a human fallacy as to when you hear the word runaway versus missing, you have a predisposition about that, i think. >> but how much sooner than the photograph? >> the photograph was available as soon as we had it available and i don't know the exact date that have. i'd have to look at that. i believe it was on that friday
9:22 am
right after the 5th. i would have to see what exactly that date was. >> captain stevens, thank you for joining us this morning. we will take a break.
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what on earth could make the queen of talk speechless? well, the revelation she has a half-sister. oprah's big news has a lot of of us talking and one of the interesting points of the story
9:25 am
is oprah's sister didn't try to exploit the situation. cnn's alina cho joins us with the story from new york. nice to see you. >> hey, marty. good morning. a secret that has been hidden in oprah winfrey's family for more than four decades and something she revealed only in a way she can, really, on her show. >> just before thanksgiving, g was given some news that shook me to my corps core. a bombshell family secret that let me speechless. >> that's right. that secret is that she had a sister she never knew about. oprah's half-sister patricia, these are childhood photos of her was adopted at birth and always wanted to be reunited for her birth mother. she searched and searched and when she found out who her mother was, she got
9:26 am
heartbreaking news. the adoption agency told her her mother was not ready to meet her. but incredibly that very same day that she was rejected, practice tissue a saw a local news story about oprah's mother and as she watched and listened, she began to notice that much much oprah's story matched her own. it was right there in her birth documents. patricia then realized that oprah's mom was her mom, which meant, of course, that oprah was her half-sister. imagine learning that news! now, pa trispa trishpatricia dia soul. >> what is so extraordinary about practice trisha and andre and aquarius is that they have known this secret since 2007. she never once thought to go to the press.
9:27 am
she never once thought to sell this story. she never once. >> it's family business and family business needs to be handled by family. >> andre and aquarius, by the way, are patricia's children. when oprah found out this is the case she said i have to meet this woman. that is exactly what happened. the two met face-to-face for the first time over thanksgiving weekend. dinner at oprah mom's house in milwaukee. incredibly just ten minutes away from where patricia lives. this is oprah's own home video of the reunion. martin, you might ask, you know, if js is family business, why did they go public with this? oprah said on her show yesterday that the reason why she went public is oprah being oprah, of course, she knew that this would get out eventually and she wanted to tell it her way.
9:28 am
martin? >> very true, i'm sure. and also very moving. thanks, alina, very much. a 12-year-old girl on a mission to meet all of the officials who represent her fciy council members and it could take her up to the top. we will explain and meet her next. [ male announcer ] if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack that's caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives.
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stocks got the week off to a pretty solid start on monday
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with the dow slowly clawing its way up to the 12,000 mark. right now, after 108-point gain yesterday, the dow opens this morning at 11,980. moving on. checking top stories right now. gas prices in the u.s. edged up. the past two weeks self-serve regular up three cents a gallon. national average is $3.11 according to the lundberg survey, that is the highest price since the financial meltdown of october 2008. anti-government protests under way today. the demonstrators want an end to government corruption and police brutality. organizers hope to capitalize on the change sparked in tutu.
9:32 am
the academy awards award nominations are also. "the social network" is up for best actor winning the feature is one of the main talking points of tonight's state of the unit address. the white house says president obama is ready to lay out his plan for innovating and outbuilding and outeducating the rest of the world. the annual let's all work together message for republicans and democrats will have its place as well. a new cnn opinion research corporation poll measures the level of optimism in this country. you might be surprised that there is a big pickup there. 43% now feel that things are going well in the country. that is compared to just 29% just last month. there will be a special young lady there tonight. one day, lily arbor was watching television with her father. the two were watching the 2008
9:33 am
election results and she thought, you know, i don't know these people. none of them! so the seventh grader, lily arbor, decided to change that and decided to meet all of the 115 elected officials who represent her. tonight, she will be at the state of the union and she will be a guest of congressman gary peters. lily and her dad and representative peters joins us now. nice to see you. lily and dad we are looking at right now. lily, just tell us what has this quest been like for you? >> it's been great. a great learning experience and it's just been amazing to see how big the government really is. >> and what is the hardest part of all of this? i imagine just getting access? >> getting access and getting to all of the meetings and that's -- just getting to the meetings. the drives have been pretty long. >> dad, apparently this was an e pif fee as you watch the results
9:34 am
come in in 2008. you have the stars like congress people you would meet and senators. but a lot of low level politicians you have met well, correct? >> i don't know if they like to be called low level. >> i don't mean that to be insulting but they are not all up there at the level of congress people. >> oh, absolutely, absolutely. and we started this, we really didn't know how to do it but we went to city council and school board meetings and got to meet some people and they have helped us to meet other people. >> lily, what sort of questions do you ask them? >> well, we ask them why they wanted to be what their occupation is and then we have funny question, what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you when you're doing your job? >> i want to bring in congressman peters. you're there as well, right, sir? >> yes, i am. >> we are going to wind the camera shot a little bit and bring you in so we can see you here. what do you think this quest
9:35 am
that this young lady is on? >> it is incredible. i had the good fortune of meeting lily, one of the first people she met. encouraged her but to see her near the end of that quest of 113 of 115 people she has met is an incredible accomplishment and she stuck with it and cares about government and figures the best way to learn about government is get out and meet people individually. an incredible story. >> i understand you have a special gift to present to her right now? >> i do. she is two people away. the prosecutes and vice president she hasn't been able to meet. we are still working on that. we present a ticket to the gallery of the state of the union tonight. she is my guest and will be up there. we are still working on her to meet the president or the vice president. if not she will be in the same room with them and see the supreme court, the cabinet officials and chief of staff and all of the senate and the house. lily, it's with great pride that i give you this ticket for the state of the union tonight. >> thank you! >> good luck to you, lily. we hope you finally get the top
9:36 am
two names on your quest which, of course, the vice president and the president. you will be in the same room. congratulations to you. you are an inspiration to all of us. thank you all. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> here is a question -- how would you like to pay? paper or plastic? or smart phone? the pay by phone trend is skyrocketing. for the first time the credit card may face an uncertain future!
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9:38 am
americans have whipped out credit cards to buy everything
9:39 am
from gas to groceries but that is so last century. nowadays, tech savvy shoppers use their smart phones to pay. the trend is so big that the days may be done for the piece of plastic in your wallet. christine romans is part of the cnn money team and joins us with a closer look. >> martin, several companies are trying to figure out how to put that little contact list gizmo on the corner so you can just tap your cell phone and purchase something right away or walk by a store and your cell phone will give you an e-mail saying, hey, your favorite pair of jeans in your size are 30% off with this coupon if you come in. you can board an airplane now with your cell phone instead of bringing a paper ticket. many of the experts say the financial services are changing forever. that the credit card could be dying a slow death to be replaced by a mobile wallet. everything you need in your cell phone. look. you can already do lots of different kinds of mobile payments. they have scan, bar codes on there you can use.
9:40 am
you can bump funds to a friend and buy a latte with your phone. could it be the end of the credit card forever? fantastic story on says it's almost like final records. so last century. you're absolutely right. one firm forecasts basically exploding growth in how much money will be spent on your phone in the future. now, here is the calf yet. takes a long time to change customer behavior. this is probably likely to take hold first in younger generation customers first and watch out for privacy issues and the danger of maybe having all of your information in one spot and stolen if it's not encrypted or saved properly. the tech companies are trying to figure out a way to have your gadget be the passport to your money. >> fascinating idea. huge returns. the health fraud and abuse
9:41 am
control program recovered $4 million last year a variety of doctors, hospitals and drug and device manufacturers were guilty of overcharging the medicare program. kathleen sebelius says $5 seized for every dollar spent on fighting fraud. >> as the report we are releasing today shows, the fraud efforts more than pay for themselves. that means going after fraud is one of the best investments we can make and this is just the start. in the past, we didn't always take these responsibilities as seriously as we should have. but that, indeed, is changing. >> well, a year has passed since the president's last state of the union address. coming up, we will address the state of the promises that he made in january of 2010. which ones were kept? and which ones were broken? and which ones just fell by the wayside? first, time for some state of the union trivia. yes, it's that time again. believe it or not, some
9:42 am
presidents have opted out of a speech and issued a written message instead. so which president released the longest and shortest state of the union message? the answer after the break. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. now this...will work. [ male announcer ] just like you, business pro. just like you. go national. go like a pro.
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but it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. the new 2011 lexus is 350. see your lexus dealer. as i mentioned before the break, some presidents released written state of the union messages rather conduct a speech. believe me, these could be wordy. according to the american presidency project, jimmy carter had the longest scripted message. in 1981 he released a 33,667
9:45 am
word message. that was before tweeting. president john adams has the shortest message at just 1,790 words. as we ramp up to cnn's coverage of tonight's state of the union address we take back a year ago. our team has been shifting through the promises and pledges made in the 2010 address. which promises were kept and which ones were broken. our tom foreman looks at, don't ask, don't tell. >> reporter: president obama took heat last year after not moving quickly enough to end the prohibition on gays in the military. he launched an offensive in his state of the union. >> this year, i will work with congress and our military to finally repeal the law that denies gay americans the right to serve the country they love because of who they are. >> the president saw that effort through congress. officially killing don't ask, don't tell just before the end of this past year. but a ban is in effect while the military sorts out how to implement it and while the
9:46 am
pentagon investigates whether it will effect readiness or recruitment and could take months and a promise kept in one sense but more of a work in progress. >> next hour, we will look forward as we check in with our cnn political unit and shannon travis will get you up to speed on the latest of tonight's state of the union address. a reminder for the latest political news go to authorities track down and capture an escaped monkey notorious for chomping 100 people. we will get to the "teeth" of this story ahead in your morning passport. first, today's flashback. 39 years ago today, president richard m. nixon first made public for his plan in vietnam and as history suggests, it didn't work out well. nixon would win re-election.
9:47 am
later that year, only to resign from office in disgrace two years later and saigon communist forces fell in 1975. we are back after the break. .
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9:50 am
we now have surveillance video of yesterday's deadly bombing at the airport east of moscow. 35 people were killed. more than 100 others wounded. and russia's president is pointing the finger of blame at airport security officials. cnn international zain verjee joins us from london with that story and measures. any claims of responsibility in that attack? >> hi, martin. good to see you. suspicion is falling on militants in an area known as the north caucuses in russia. that's been an area of a lot of instability. many groups there are fighting like in chechnya. really the point of this terror attack was to grab the headlines and say, we can get you whenever we want and show you how we can do it in a way that will hurt. this is video of the
9:51 am
surveillance video. there's a huge ball of fire and then total chaos. russia's president is saying that they really need an israeli style of security at airports. >> i know in japan people are sleeping much easier now because japanese officials have coraled their biting monkeys. what is up with that? >> lucky the monkey just ran out of luck. he has been on the rin for about a day. and this is a monkey that escaped a park in japan and was biting people the hands and legs. when he escaped, they really put out an alert and were worried that this monkey might go out and bite other residence as he
9:52 am
has in the past. but he didn't. he's captured. that's the story from japan today. >> that's a sad looking guy there. pope benedict giving his proverbial blessing to social networking? >> that's right. facebook, twitter, blogging as a replacement to faces to face conversation, he said this. virtual contact cannot be a substitute for direct human contact. the pope himself is really not into this personally. he even said that he writes in long hand. but he has by his very presence at being at the vatican has
9:53 am
boosted the online presence and even has a website, pope to you and things like that. so i don't know how much you're on social media and do your social networking, but i know you have a lot of friends so you have a lot of face-to-face communication. >> i do it all the time. i'll see if i can friend the pope. thank you very much. >> i don't think he may not except you as a friend, though. >> okay. well, we'll have to see. thanks very much. good to see you. lots of developments in the next hour at the cnn "newsroom." let's check in first with jim acosta in washington. jim? >> martin, the white house says one of the themes will be winning the future but will he win over republicans? i'll preview the speech and the republican responses. yes, responses. coming up. i'm meteorologist jacqui jeras. severe weather is possible in
9:54 am
florida. plus, a southern soaker set to rip up the coast. what kind of wintry mix you can expect in your forecast. i'm stephanie elam in new york. downsize me. the home of your dreams may be a little less grand. i'll explain coming up in the next hour, mart tea. >> thank you, stephanie. and we're talking sports right after this. . so i get a great deal, no matter how long i wait. yeah... i'm not very good at waiting... then we must train you to wait. [ bird squawks ] ♪ [ both scream ] it is time to book, grasshopper. [ male announcer ] now, it's ok to wait. get great deals. even at the last minute. be smart. book smart.
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9:56 am
a tennis star is close to moving in on history but a rival
9:57 am
stands in his way. jeff is here from sports. this is a classic rivalry? >> they have been going at it for years. they have been great at the australian open. he will own every major title at the same time. standing in his way is the greatest player ever, federer. he just toyed with stan in the quarterfinals. these guys are pretty good buzz. they won a gold metal together for switzerland. but federer is clearly frustrated. he tossed it in. he and nadal could meet in the final. steelers, packers in the super bowl. jerome bettis showing that he still has game.
9:58 am
grizzlies' forward, the jump per with less than a minute left. memphis wins by two. check this out. half time of a women's college basketball game. john smallwood has to make a half-court shot for a set of tires and he's decided i might as well try it backwards because there's no way i'm going to make it and he does. the crowd goes nuts. watch it again. off the backboard. he's good. give that man a set of tires. nicely done. the out of state buckeyes are the best players. listen to them sing "part in the usa". ♪ i've got my hands up playing my song ♪ ♪ but it's going to be okay ♪ it's a party in the usa
9:59 am
>> you've got to credit them for their bravery. you do not want to leave you with that. how epic is this? miniature golf shot. the balls on the fountain. he hitit but keep an eye on the ball and it goes in. they called this and posted it on youtube. the greatest miniature golf shot ever. up the fountain and in. give that man a set of tires. >> exactly. at least, right? >> at least an oil change. >> thanks very much. it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast and i'm sitting in for kyra phillips. take a look at this new video. it shows the very moment of
10:00 am
yesterday's suicide bombing in moscow's busiest airport. you see people walking around and then a flash of light. 35 people were killed and more than 100 hurt. president demetris medvedev promises to find whoever is responsible and also to step up the airport security. $3.11 for gasoline is the highest that we've seen since the financial meltdown in october 2008. many experts say they don't expect a big spike in the immediate future. and all across hollywood, blurry-eyed stars rolling out of bed to see if they will get a shot at an oscar. "the king can's speech" leads with 12 nominations. we'll look at the other nominations. the president's state of mind hours before the state of
10:01 am
the union. 43% now feel that things are going well in the country. that's compared to 29% just last month. lawmakers plan a show of unity tonight and sit with members of the other political party. the so-called state dates are in response to the tucson shooting rampage. but make no mistake, vast differences still remain. for the first time in our history, there will be two responses to the president's speech. besides the republicans, of course, will hear from the tea party. michele bachmann is a rising star, which has had a huge impact in the november elections. the speech is written. let's get a preview with jim acosta in our washington preview. what is going to be the president's main talking point tonight? >> well, all we have at this point, martin, are talking points because we don't really know what the president is going
10:02 am
to say. the white house says one theme is something that officials are calling winning the future. the president is going to offer specifics on his agenda for getting the country on track for competing in the 21st century. the administration is calling it education, innovation, and infrastructure. the other big theme is national unity. this is an yad that came out of the wake of the tucson tragedy. a group of roughly 60 senate and house republicans, will be sitting together in a show of bipartisanship and civility. pat toomey and democrat bob casey. >> i personally do think that the level of discourse has not been nearly at the level it should be. i think it's been harsh and often personal and that's really shouldn't be part of our politics. >> has the rhetoric gotten out of control, do you think,
10:03 am
senator casey? >> i think it has. i'm not blameless. we've all at some point in time engaged in that. >> something else that will catch your eye, dualing responses to the president's state of the union address. paul ryan will give the republican response to the president's address. he is expected to say no to many of the president's new spending requests. then you will also see the tea party response. you mentioned this, martin, delivered by michele bachmann. her remarks will be carried on cnn, which gives her equal billing. republican leaders are saying publicly they don't mind the attention that bachmann is getting with all of this but they are reminding reporters that there is one party republican response and it's coming from paul ryan. martin? >> how much can the president accomplish with such a divided congress? >> that is the big question because after tonight, after the show of national unity and
10:04 am
bipartisanship, we will all go back to a house that is controlled by republicans and a senate that is controlled by democrats. and so it's going to depend on what the president says tonight if he talks about only talking about spending in areas such as education, innovation, that sort of thing. republicans are going to listen to that and they are going to basically say no. if he comes forward and says, along with this new spending we're going to have budget cuts, we're going to get serious about tackling the deficit and the national debt, then he may get some takers on the republican side. we'll have to see. >> yep, we will. thank you very much. >> you bet. there will be one seat con speck cue lousily empty. gabrielle giffords' seat. the intern that helped stabilize the congresswoman right after she was shot will be sitting with michelle obama.
10:05 am
christina green's family will also be there. tune in at 7:00 p.m. eastern for the best political team on television. the state of the union address will be followed by the republican and tea party response and then post speech analysis. republicans have the spotlight this hour. house gop leaders are gathering on the steps of the u.s. capital to talk about the promise of government spending. they are caught in a numbers game they want to roll back spendi spending to 2008 levels. some house conservatives are demanding $100 billion. in lubbock, texas, a girl leaves for a baby sitting job and never comes home. police have discovered a young
10:06 am
girl's body and the police are waiting to see if it's her. this is elizabeth ennen. a man is charged with the kidnapping. ennen was baby sitting with his children. they have evidence linking him to her disappearance but won't say what it is. her parents reported her missing to police when she never came home that night but cops treated it as a run away and her mom never believed that. >> last thing she told me when i talked to her a little after 8:00 on tuesday night was that she loved me. >> it took two weeks to list her as missing, which has citizens outraged. one woman actually spotted elizabeth with salinas at a local dollar store and that something seemed very wrong. >> it didn't look to me like she was a run away. because a run away can come and
10:07 am
go as they please. this woman was like a hostage. he put her in the car like a bag of garbage. i had no clue that this child was missing until the next day. >> so if the police put that picture out there sooner -- >> i would have grabbed the little girl and i would have kicked him, tried to do everything i could to keep him back from her. >> we are also learning this morning there may be surveillance tape from the night that elizabeth disappeared showing her with salinas at the hotel where she was baby sitting. however, police have not yet released that tape. we're going to send you live back now to capitol hill where the gop has begun their conference. >> i'm looking forward to listening to what the president has to say tonight. we're excited about paul ryan giving his response. paul is someone who has a lot of experience, well versed in our
10:08 am
budget problem and someone who i think can outline pretty clearly to the american people that this amount of debt that we're dealing with and causing job creation in america today. >> good morning, we're going to have on the floor today a resolution which delivers on our commitment that we are going to reduce spending levels for the remainder of the fiscal year. following up on that, i'm announcing today that the house will vote on the continuing resolution the week of february 14th. i know it's a little bit out of the norm to announce this early the scheduling of a vote. but this is how serious we are in delivering on our commitment to cut spending. the speaker has continued to say, we're going to have an open process in this house and the house will work its will.
10:09 am
our intention is to allow every member on both sides of the political aisle to come forward and offer prescriptions on how we cut spending and reduce the size of government. and that will take place on the week of the 14th. i'm sorry. february 14th. that is a couple weeks from now. this morning we have seen many begin to attack somehow the republican plan for how we take the country forward. in particular, leader reid and senator schumer has been out hurling criticisms that paul ryan and his being the individual givinging the republican response tonight. well, just to sort of put all of these attacks and criticisms into context, it was leader reid who appeared on one of the sunday shows a couple of weeks ago that said there were no
10:10 am
fiscal problems with social security. now, i think that is obviously an irresponsible statement. clearly that puts leader reid in opposition to statements made by the president and members of his party on this side of the capital. and, again, it brings us to the point, we have got to, you know, stop the criticisms and accusations and act in a responsible way to cut spending and to show of the american people that we're going to take this country responsibly into the future. but first things first. we have got to cut spending because that has shown to be the largest impediment in the way of job creators and we need to pull back. >> in eastern washington and all across the court tree, people are concerned that the american dream is slipping away for their children, their grandchildren, and i share that concern. and tonight as we listen to the state of the union, it's really an opportunity for the president and the congress to start aknew
10:11 am
and work together on the challenges that are facing america and the best way that we can restore the american dream is to get our economic engine going. that engine of ingenuity, innovation, and giving small businesses that confidence to actually create jobs. we also need to stop the out of control government spending and the debt that we have piled up. and so we asked the president to join us in committing, as in our pledge, to reducing spending to 2008 levels or less and to actually reforming the way congress and the executive branch decides to spend money. instead of focusing so much on spending, let's focus on spending less. that's our goal as we approach this evening's state of the union. >> we look forward to tonight's state of the union but if history is our guide, most republican also probably agree that they and agree with 80% of what the president says, just 80% of what he does. so we look forward to working
10:12 am
with the president to create more jobs and less spending in washington. but the american people, every time they hear someone say investment, they hear, let's go out and borrow 40 cents on the dollar and send the bill to our children. and somehow bankrupt future generations. again, house republicans stand ready and eager to listen to the president and we hope we embrace to rolling back prestimulus levels. that would be a wonderful opportunity. the american people, again, want more jobs and less spending. what they don't want is more investments that simply saddle their children with greater debt. >> some of your -- many of your fellow conservatives here are saying that they want you to,
10:13 am
first of all, cut $100 billion this year and more importantly go further than you're planning to go in cut canning spending. will you listen to them? >> that's why i believe it's important as speaker to allow for an open process here in the house, to allow members from both sides of the aisle to offer amendments and to allow the house to work its will. gone are the days of the leadership dictating to the members what they will get the vote on and dictating the outcome of what the house does every day. so i'm fully prepared to allow all members to offer their amendments and, again, let's let the housework its will. >> we sent you a letter yesterday saying -- >> you're listening to a news conference being held by the republican leadership of the house there. basically what they are doing is using this opportunity of the day that is normally focused on the president's state of the union address, talking about
10:14 am
their concerns of the national debt. we'll take a break and be back with more in a moment. [ female announcer ] it's never too late to reinvent yourself... including your skin. [ female announcer ] now aveeno reinvents positively ageless. with shiitake complex, it's shown to visibly transform skin, helping repair the look of past damage and prevent future damage. positively ageless. only from aveeno.
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10:16 am
basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. talk about getting iced in, this is what some unlucky auto owners woke up to yesterday morning. a number of vehicles on east second street were encased in ice due to a busted water main and freezing temperatures. i think you're going to need a bigger ice scraper. it should be pretty nice in the big apple but tomorrow could be
10:17 am
another story. >> amazing pictures. you need a steam blaster to get that off. i might suggest a hair dryer by the way. >> good idea. >> all right. here's a look at what the temperatures feel like to your body right now. much better. we were subzero yesterday morning. we've done over a 20-degree swing for you. that's doing a lot better. but we have this weak system moving on through and it's coated everything with snowfall and it's going to be ending in the noon hour. and there's a lot of people relatively and what will happen later on today and some parts of florida and miami and cloudy conditions there. 73 degrees and you can see the
10:18 am
shaking going on. oh, yeah, those are some gusty winds. the thunderstorms could be severe and could be overnight. make sure you've got your noaa weather radio on as we go to bet tonight. tornadoes are going to be a possibility across parts of florida. let's talk about where this storm system is tracking. here's the pressure into the gulf of mexico. it's going to be tracking off to the east from the tennessee valley up into the appalachians, rain turns into snowfall and you're either going to get a foot of snow or that mix which means very little accumulation. best thinking is that the worst accumulation is going to be somewhere in this area and new york city, we think you'll have that mix and then change over to some snow. this is going to be a powerful storm, certainly impacting your travel. mostly a wednesday, late into
10:19 am
thursday event for the northeast. but, boy, we're dealing with today and into tomorrow morning across many parts of the deep south. so it's going to be pretty interesting the next couple of days. >> as if it hasn't been interesting enough. >> speaking of which, i want to use this as a quick tease. we're coming up with numbers. if you're sick of winter, you have a right to complain about it because the snowfall departure, how much more snow than we normally have for this time of year, we'll have numbers for you tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. we want to get to dana bash right now. she's on capitol hill. we just finished that press conference. and we're talking about the debt reser ved for the president. dana? >> reporter: that's right. it's no accident that house republicans have been planning this symbolic vote, if nothing else, just hours before president obama comes up here on spending and that vote is this resolution. it's really short. it's only about five or six lines but the message is clear and that is that they want to
10:20 am
roll back spending levels to 2008 levels, levels before president obama went into office and before he started spending. that is what they talked about. and they talked about the fact that there is dissent among conservatives about how far to go. we've been reporting on the fact that a very large group of conservatives say what the leaders are doing is not far enough and want them to go even further. other interesting news that eric cantor made here is that this is just a resolution. the really big fight is now set open spending. in just about three weeks from now, february 14th, valentine's day, that the house will vote on the next budget resolution, or i should say, a resolution to keep the government running. that is the first big spending fight. that is where you're going to see republicans put their money where their mouth is and saying, we're going to cut spending. >> and dana, from political division now to unity, that
10:21 am
being the black and white ribbons, explain that for us. >> that's right. i have one right here. some of our viewers may recognize these from the memorial service that they saw in tucson for gabrielle giffords and, of course, the six people that were killed in the line of fire during that shooting. these ribbons, mart tea, will be handed out with the help of gabrielle's friend to all members of congress and my understanding is that the white represents peace and the black, of course, commemorates and remembers people who were killed in that horrible shooting earlier this month. marty? >> dana bash, thank you very much. we have breaking news out of egypt where protesters are railing against corruption. we'll have more on that right after the break. ... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer.
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10:24 am
we have breaking news out of egypt. demonstrations are boiling out on the streets. more importantly, organizers say they are trying to season the and a student in egypt joins us on the telephone and you've been watching this unfold. tell us what you've been seeing. >> yes, i have seen basically a group of ee gimgss going down the street, main street of cairo and screaming words that i don't understand but then i --
10:25 am
>> give us a sense as to how unusual these kind of demonstrations are. >> it's very unusual for egypt. but these are happening in various locations in the city. there are several groups in the city. the biggest one is in downtown where a lot of people are protesting hundreds and hundreds of people are there. >> what is it exactly people are asking for? what is it that people want? >> i can't tell you clearly. as far as i know, from media as well as against government and corruption, but i don't understand what they are screaming out. >> and what's the attitude of the government there? are they just standing by willing to watch? we see security officers there but we don't see them moving in. >> it is basically officers controlling the crowd and the
10:26 am
crowd of a few hundred people are controlled by approximately 67, 80 policemen leading the crowd and kind of pushing them. >> and you're saying, from what you have seen so far, these demonstrations have been peaceful, correct? nobody has been violent in any way, no arrests? >> i see only one demonstration right here from my balcony and it's peaceful. it looks really peaceful from the balcony's point of view. >> all right. we've been speaking with lucas who is a student in egypt. this seems to be spreading from the public demonstration that took place in tunisia a couple of weeks ago. there has been concern that this could spread to other areas. now we want to tell you how
10:27 am
a georgia man took on his cyber bully and won. it was tragic enough that his fiancee was killed by her former husband. but to add insult to injury, a woman cooley barely knew went on the community website and apparently assassinated his character, saying that he was a sex offender, that he had a criminal record, that he was a drug addict. none of that was remotely true. cooley sued the woman and won. gene cooley is now with us. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, martin. >> let me ask you, do you have any idea why this woman targeted you? >> apparently she targets just about anybody and everyone on the internet. after the court case i received numerous phone calls from individuals who she has already slandered on the internet.
10:28 am
she basically doesn't matter if she knows you or not, she'll get on there and talk about whatever she wants to. >> did you know her at all? >> not really. i've met her in passing and seen her in stores. it's a small town. >> we should mention, this really is a very small town in georgia. >> it's a small town. >> and word of mouth would quickly spread whatever the internet didn't? >> yes quickly, yes. >> and this came out when you were attending the funeral of your former fiancee? >> yes, sir. i was down in florida and my fiancee's father was wanting to ask me about a drug addiction, asked me about rehab and i i had no idea what he was talking about. >> you were blind sided? >> totally blind sided. i asked what can i do to prove my point and everything? well, you want a background check? he said yes. i went to the local sheriff's department, got a background check. it came back with a clean bill of health. in the meantime, after getting the background check, my sister
10:29 am
called me from blairsville and let me know that i was being targeted and slandered on the internet. >> and all of this, we should point out, is taking place while you're going through the grieving process and her family is going through the grieving pros is he and they are beginning to look at you on a whole different and ugly way? >> yes, sir. they had no idea who i was except for the fact that i had been dating their daughter for a little over two years. and -- >> how bad did it get? >> it got horrible. it got to the point -- they actually were wanting me out of the house nearly immediately. i had contacted a detective in blairsville who called her father and let him know that, no, none of the allegations were true and so forth. so at that point it did kind of turn around a little bit. but due to the fact that all of the hurt and the pain was already there, i'm going to say it was ir repairable. >> so you sued and got $400,000
10:30 am
from this woman. have you seen the money yet? >> no, not yet. >> any chance you'll see it? >> it's a possibility. >> in the meantime, life is beginning to turn back to what it was? >> it's beginning to. the past couple weeks have been hectic with the trial and with the media and publication and everything. >> thank you for sharing your story with us. it's a cautionary tale of what can happen? >> yes, it is. i would like to thank judge david barrett for being so patient and trying this case. bless his heart, had he to brave the snow. we were having about ten inches of snow at that time. >> we remember that. >> 16 degrees. i'd like to thank the jury for getting out there. braving the weather also. i'd also like to thank russell for his wonderful work and all of the hard work that he did. this was not an easy case to go through. it's not like they just give you the information. >> we've got to go right there. thank you.
10:31 am
>> thank you. does a shrinking economy also sha rink the size of your home? the american dream for some has always been a big car, a big yard, a big house. but those times are changing. our homes are getting smaller. coming up, we may all soon be living in little pink houses. welcome to the department of negotiation. home to the latest deal making technology. our highly advanced thingamajigs and whatchamacallits are constantly gathering intelligence on the best deals for you. with name your own price, they're yours for up to 60% off. but we're always looking to improve. for instance, what does this have to do with finding empty hotel rooms? we're not sure. yet. what was i thinking? but i was still skating on thin ice with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me.
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the stock market opening
10:34 am
bell rang just about an hour ago. the dow is down a little more than 33 points. size matters. seemingly less these days for home builders and homeowners and they are building accordingly. stephanie elam is in new york with more on the shrinking mcmansions syndrome. apparently it's beating out being rich, is that right? >> yeah, that's exactly it. things are getting a little smaller. i know america is a land of big but we're doing things small here. in fact, so much so that when you look at what the national association of home builders say, by 2015, the average size of a house is going to be 2100 feet. back in 2007 it was at 2500 feet. everything is getting smaller as we're starting to build out. also, would you take a look at
10:35 am
this, one thing i have to point out, as you take a look at homes, they are 50% bigger than they were in the '70s. we're living more comfortably, marty. >> well, what's behind the trend and why do so many people want smaller homes? >> well, a lot of it has to do with the economy, which we know has been poor. let me buy what we can really use and not other extend ourselves. we have the baby boomers hitting retirement age so they are downsizing. the kids are out of the house and they needless house, not more. it takes a lot to heat a home. if you have less house, then there's less cost involved with that as well. all of this is leading people to look at how they build their homes instead of having living rooms and dining rooms that collect dust for most of the year, except for maybe thanksgiving and the holidays, they are going to put in multipurpose rooms and get more value out of their homes. the buyers really want storage and they want to make sure that they are keeping their costs down and that they are environmentally friendly. >> it's not just the size of the house that is changing.
10:36 am
even the reasons why or what we are buying are in influx. >> yeah, that's actually really interesting. if you take a look at the reason why people were buying in 2010, it was not about wanting a slice of the american dream. which is what so many of us have grown up thinking about. because of the favorable financing in 2010, 28% say that's why they bought. the desire to own versus rent had nothing to do with it for these people surveyed. that was not the reason. in 2005, more than a quarter of people said that. the reason why people are getting into the market is very different than it was before and analysts look at this and say, that means people are having a more realistic view of what home ownership is and we all know once you get into a house, there's a lot of costs associated with staying in that
10:37 am
house, right? >> absolutely. thank you very much. >> sure. checking top stories, take a look at this new video. it shows the very moment of yesterday's suicide bombing at moscow's busiest airport. you can see people walking around and then a flash of light. russian authorities say 35 people were killed and more than 100 hurt. president dmitry medvedev promises to find who is responsible. jared loughner pled not guilty. prosecutors will charge him with murdering six people during that rampage. an empty chair will represent gabrielle giffords during the state of the union. mark kelly has a big decision to make. should he back out as leader of the april 19 space shuttle mission to remain at her side? his twin brother is also an astronaut. in fact, he is on board the international space station
10:38 am
right now. the president's theme for tonight's state of the union address, winning the future and repairing the economy. president obama is ready to lay out the blueprints to restore america's greatness. we're taking a look back at the president's promise from the state of the union in 2010. tom foreman takes stock on how he's fairing on health care. >> the president's signature item for his first two years, health care reform. and he highlighted his plan in the last state of the union. >> our approach would preserve the right of americans who have insurance to keep their doctor and their plan. it would reduce costs and premiums for millions of families and businesses. and according to the congressional budget office, the independent organization that both parties have cited as the official score keeper for congress, our approach would bring down the budget by over $1
10:39 am
trillion. >> two months after that speech, he signed the most sweeping overhaul of health care law since the 1960s. once it is all in place it should reduce costs and premiums for many families, and, yes, it will lower the deficit over time. that said, polls show many voters remain skeptical that it will all play out that way. they gave the house back to the republicans in the midterm election and the republican-controlled house voted to and peal the reform law. it will die in the senate. whatever happens, this is a promise kept by the president. >> join us tonight at 7:00 for the best political team on television. it will be followed by the republican and tea party responses and then post speech analysis. unless it's wielded with precision. the new 2011 lexus is 350.
10:40 am
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10:42 am
this is a fascinating story. they may be better than a hot water bottle on a cold winter night, but a new paper claims that by letting your pet sleep in your bed, you could be risking a case of a heart or digestive system disorder or the plague. yep, the two california researchers who wrote that paper, which appears in the journal of emerging infectious
10:43 am
diseases says the risk is rare but the very young may be susceptible. well, it's not easy to make the queen of talk speechless but oprah winfrey found herself at a loss for words when she learned about her half sister, patricia was adopted at birth. oprah never knew about her. she found out a few months ago and the two met for the first time at thanksgiving at her mother's house. oprah brought her big fans in on that news during her show. >> my sister patricia is here. come on out, patricia. >> one reason why i didn't give up is because i know that i needed to get it out or get in touch with you so that no one else would put it out there. >> uh-huh. >> and then another reason is
10:44 am
for my children. >> patricia says she knows about her famous half sister, has known about her since 2007, but she wanted to protect oprah from the tabloids. sometimes secrets are worth keeping. in egypt, demonstrations are boiling up in the streets. more importantly, organizers say that they are ceasing on the unrest to topple the government, as may have happened in nearby tunisia. we'll bring you more after the break. nnmale a ncer ] introducinlisterer® zo™. we removed the alcohol deand ma it less intense. ♪♪♪ it still kills bad breath germs for a whole-mouth clean. anit'sever ft so good. ne int l®ere zo™.
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we're following breaking news out of egypt. protesters are railing against the faltering economy. joining us now is ben. what have you seen and, first of all, how large are these demonstrations compared to demonstrations that you've seen in the past? >> these are the biggest demonstrations that i've seen in egypt ever. there are literally thousands and thousands of people in what is known as the very middle of the ee gyp hotel. there are houses of thousands of
10:48 am
people saying that rocks are being thrown and police are responding with very intense tear gas. this demonstration here, in this part of town, has not been going on for at least three hours. the demonstrations began around the next day, about six hours ago. this has spread and thousands of people, mostly university students, poured over one of the main bridges, which is another part of cairo, into the main part of the city. and the police seem to be utterly overwhelmed. they don't seem to know how to deal with such a huge crowd, a crowd that seems persistent and challenging the police. >> do we have any idea, ben, as you look at this crowd, the makeup? are they all just students or do
10:49 am
they seem to represent all ages and walks of life? >> as far as i can tell, martin, students, business men, works in a marketing firm. this is the first time he's ever watched a demonstration and like so many other egyptians, fed up with economic decay, corruption, and they want no part of it. they want this government to go. they want the same thing to happen here. >> you are referring to the events in tunisia, another north african nation. the president was forced to flee to saudi arabia because of the protests there. what is the real threat? how much of a threat is there to
10:50 am
the government as a result of these demonstrations? >> well, obviously this is going to be a problem for the united states which has invested so much politically, financially, militarily in egypt. egypt is the second largest stop in israel and this unrest is obviously going to constantly recalculate and any way, right now there is tear gas. >> are you able to carry on or do you want to get to a place of safety? >> i'm up here with one eye open. >> the tier gas that's being fired there, is that the only thing that's being used or has the police moved in on the crowd? >> basically, it's tear gas because demonstrators were
10:51 am
throwing rocks at the police and the police were throwing rocks back. >> what you're listening to is our cnn reporter, ben wedeman who is reporting on demonstrations. he says these seem to be mirroring protests that took place in tunisia a number of weeks ago which that government fell as a result of public street protests. now it appears that the protests are spreading to other countries and there was concern that those countries had regimes which had a very tight grip on power but he is also a strong ally of the united states. ben, you don't think that this could actually bring the government down at this stage? >> it's very early to tell, martin. it took several weeks of demonstrations and bloody
10:52 am
demonstrations to take down the regime in tunisia. and as far as i know, there has been no fatalities. i've seen lots of people that have been injured with rocks and what not. but it hasn't really gotten to the point where, you know, when people start getting killed in these demonstrations, then it gets very volatile. at the moment, i'm just seeing lots of tear gas -- >> has the government responded publicly on television to try to simmer the situation down? >> as far as i know, not today. the government has been seconding out press releases to try to knock down the more wild stories coming out. for instance, there was one rumor that a group of school girls participated in the
10:53 am
demonstrations and then were arrested by the police. so they quickly stopped that rumor. my feeling is that the government simply did not anticipate that these demonstrations would get so big and so widespread. there are demonstrations in alexandria, in cities in upper egypt. really almost every major egyptian city there is some sort of demonstration or protest going on along the same lines of this one. >> and do we know, are these spontaneous demonstrations or were these called for and organized in some way? >> yes, they were organized. activists were aware of this more than a week ago. there are two groups and another group that rallied around the
10:54 am
young egyptian who was killed in alexandria by the police. they have been canvassing the country, sending smss, posting messages on facebook and twitter and really through word of mouth it's spread around. so it wasn't anything well aware that this was in the works. but i don't think they realized that there would be quite this many people. who sboresponded. >> all right. ben who is in the middle of the demonstrations, which is the largest that he's ever seen since he's been covering there. thank you very much. we'll continue to stay in touch. in the meantime, we'll take a break and be back with more after this. [ female announcer ] choose vegas excitement one minute...
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we're getting ready here in the political unit for a very long night.
10:58 am
i've got my coffee that i've been drinking already. it will be made even longer because after the president delivers his state of the union address, we already know that house budget chairman paul ryan will be delivering the official republican response but then something change will happen. congresswoman michele bachmann of minnesota, the republican, will deliver the tea party response. she just got off the house floor talking about what she expects and hopes to hear from the president tonight. she didn't mention her address. she didn't talk about that. but we expect for it to stick to very tea party type of things. dan lot three general at the top of the hour will have more on the state of the union. martin? >> a highly caffeinated team. we'll have the next update in one hour. for all of the latest news, go to our website, well, that does it for me.
10:59 am
carlos costello is going to join me right after the break. ♪ i have clients say it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. [ male announcer ] visit save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really


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